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Our Story:

Fade2Black is a 100% independent black-owned film production company. Established initially in 2010 as a vehicle to drive creative documentary film projects that are critical and thought provoking, we have re-envisioned our business in 2019 to produce creative film productions containing critical themes for audiences who don’t mind being challenged. Although there is a level of entertainment to our work, we strive to make films that also offer social commentary and lends itself to discussions that we hope will lead to positive social change. We have recently decided to take on client based work and are excited to grow this stream of our business. Fade2Black specialises in IMPACT VIDEOS. So, if you are an NGO, NPO or a corporate looking to convey an important message to your audience or market, or need help formulating your message, give us a call. We’re here to help.


Damian Sean Samuels is the founder and managing director of Fade2Black Productions. Damian has a background in Media Management, Advertising and Higher Education. He holds a BA degree, and two postgraduate degrees: an Honours in the Political Studies and a Masters in (Visual) History. Damian is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Visual Studies at Stellenbosch University, and holds various other tertiary qualifications in Marketing and Media Management. Damian is also the head of development, responsible for the conceptualising, researching and writing of film and media projects. He has assumed multiple roles on projects from writing, to directing and producing, but his central interest and skills are in writing and research.


Ben Linderoth is a seasoned freelance Production Manager with over 30 years experience in various facets of local and international film production. Ben has also produced several documentary films and directed a documentary TV series. Ben is a key collaborator at Fade2Black Productions where she serves as producer on various creative film projects.

Nadia Sanger (PhD) is a Senior lecturer in the Dept. of English Studies at Stellenbosch University. She has a passion for film and narrative, and is a valued collaborator at Fade2Black Production in her capacity as research consultant.